It’s better than Prozac. Looking at pictures of cats doing silly things lowers your blood pressure. It’s an unproven scientific fact.

As Grace Dent said in the Guardian only yesterday (‘100 Things About Me and Twitter‘):

41. I love tweets featuring talking cats, snoring cats, cats jumping in boxes, cats jumping out of boxes etc.

42. I think there’s a strong pro-cat propaganda unit working on Twitter.

43. I think there’s either a worldwide dearth of clips of dogs being idiots, or the pro-dog lobby needs to up its Twitter game.

About Me

I live in a tiny flat in Hong Kong with two cats, Fei Jai and Sadie. Fei Jai means ‘Fat  Boy’ and Sadie means ‘Sadie’. Although they don’t have much space they are very happy as they are rescue cats. Fei Jai is particularly happy when given a tiny cardboard box to sleep in (despite having a lovely basket complete with handknitted blanket in the softest lambswool).

My parents’ cats, Jack and Mabel, are also rescue cats  and one day found themselves in cat paradise with a huge garden in a quiet village in North Yorkshire. They also have a cat called Sam who never does anything interesting.

The Wuzz was my first cat. We got her as a kitten 30 years ago and she kept us entertained for many years by trying to squash into tiny baskets.